Development & Construction Team

Noel Desilets

General Contractor

About Noel

As one of the founding partners of the Apex team, Noel brings 25 years of real estate investment and construction experience to the team and its clients.  He purchased his first rental property using student loan to reduce his living expenses while earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona. Noel applies real world experience and creativity to help develop and support business systems and models for The Apex Team.  His expertise in construction and navigating regulations is a valuable training and consultation source for sales agents, investors and clients.

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Robert Snider

Projects Coordinator

About Robert

Robert has over 12 years experience working on many different kinds of construction projects.  Making customers happy through delivery of a quality project is his passion.  His ability to organize, knowledge of the construction process and his eye for detail makes him irreplaceable as our project coordinator.

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John Eden

Projects Manager

About John

I began my career in construction in 1972 working in the Steel Industry. I did that for 9 years, fabricating and field installing steel projects for the mining industry and commercial buildings.
From there, I moved into General Contracting. I worked as a Project Manager doing commercial and public projects for various companies for 15 years. Some of my clients included Raytheon, IBM, US Army Corps of Engineers, Tucson Unified School District and Vale School District.
I worked for 3 years as a Construction Manager for Forum Group. We designed and built luxury Retirement Communities around the country.
I ran my own General Contracting Company for 9 years before retiring. I primarily did franchise work for Discount Tire, Burger King, Cousins Subs, Harley Davison and Block Buster Video.

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Jay Bergstrom

Operations Coordinator

About Jay

Gabriella Alvarez

Administrative Assistant

About Gabriella

Gabriella was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. She enjoys running, being outdoors, traveling, and reading.

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Bob Hetzler

Logistics Expediter

About Bob